If you adopt a dog or a cat using SPCA’s adoption process and take out an eligible SPCA Pet Insurance policy, you won’t have to pay any premiums for your first three months of the first year of your new policy.

This offer only applies to new policies of cats and dogs that are adopted through SPCA on or after 1st November 2021. This offer is for the first year of cover only and will cease to apply if you change your level of cover.

If your billing cycle is monthly or fortnightly, you won’t pay any instalment for the first three months of your policy from your selected policy start date. If your billing cycle is yearly, your three months free offer will be applied to the total policy amount, which is payable on acceptance of your policy.

SPCA Pet Insurance reserves the right to withdraw, vary or extend this offer at any time, without notice. This offer is subject to terms and conditions of the applicable pet insurance policy including limits and exclusions. Waiting periods and excesses may also apply.