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Pet insurance for your cat

Cat insurance covers some of your eligible vet bills when your feline friend needs medical care. After paying a vet bill, you simply need to make a claim and wait for your reimbursement (with SPCA Pet Insurance, this takes no more than a couple of days once claim is approved). Although cats are masters at landing on their feet, they’re also incredibly daring animals that never back down from a climb or leap. If that sounds like your companion, then cat insurance might be worth looking into.

Almost 85% of Kiwis say their cat makes them happy1, but unfortunately only 10% have taken out insurance to protect their feline companions2. This is because many cat owners don’t realise the value of pet insurance. However, data shows that more than half of all cats in the country need to visit the vet at least once a year (sometimes more). Without pet insurance, many owners are paying these costs out-of-pocket while missing out on the great benefits and savings they could be enjoying.


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Feedback based on  460 verified reviews

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SPCA Cat Insurance

SPCA Pet Insurance offers three different options for cat owners to avoid expensive vet bills.

  • Big Stuff Cover is made for large vet bills above $1,000. This covers up to 90% of your cat’s eligible treatment costs with no limits on consultations or cruciate ligament conditions, so you never have to worry about your cat suffering a serious injury or illness.3 
  • Everyday Cover can help with your cat’s occasional need for a vet visit by covering up to 70% of eligible costs while also keeping your premiums manageable.3   
  • The Works Cover is great if you’d like to keep your cat in top shape with a high level of cover and the best treatment available. This covers up to 80% of eligible vet bills with a $20,000 annual limit.3

  • Up to 90% of your cat’s eligible vet bills covered3
  • $25,000 annual limit
  • Available for cats or kittens over 8 weeks of age
  • Unlimited vet visits every year up to the specified benefit limits
  • $1,000 excess

  • Up to 70% of your cat’s eligible vet bills covered3
  • $11,000 annual limit
  • No excess
  • Available for cats or kittens over 8 weeks of age

  • Up to 80% of your cat’s eligible vet bills covered3
  • $20,000 annual limit
  • No excess
  • Available for cats or kittens between 8 weeks and 9 years of age

Top features

Every SPCA Pet Insurance policy covers your cat for both injuries and illnesses, including things like:

  • diabetes, kidney failure, or other common diseases
  • vomiting and other gastrointestinal issues
  • skin conditions
  • bone fractures
  • cuts and bites
  • surgical removal after swallowing foreign objects
  • falls or other accidents.

Common cat ailments

Some cats might go a lifetime (or nine) without any health issues, but it’s typical to expect your cat to get sick or injured occasionally. Some of the most common conditions in cats are4.

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)
  • Feline leukemia virus (FelV)
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Falls and injuries from heights (sometimes called high-rise syndrome).

The table below shows the health concerns that cat owners in New Zealand are most concerned about. You may be able to claim on some of these costs if you have pet insurance, but always remember to read the policy documents first.

ConcernPercentage of cat owners5
Worming treatment94.2%
Flea treatment92.7%
Regular health checks80.8%
Weight concerns as indicated by the appearance of hips, spine, and ribs70.2%

Settling your cat insurance claim

With SPCA Pet Insurance, you can make a claim on your cat’s vet bills anytime using our online claims page.


Your cat’s treatment

Pay your vet bill as usual when your cat receives treatment

Checkboard with pen

Submit your paperwork

To make a claim, you’ll need to provide a copy of the itemised invoice from the vet

Hand holding paper money

Receiving your payment

We’ll pay your eligible claim within 1-2 business days once approved

The amount you receive after making a claim will depend on the level of cover you have as well as any waiting periods or exclusions that might apply.  

Here are some examples of how claims are calculated depending on your level of cover and how your out-of-pocket costs can be reduced with pet insurance.

Big Stuff Cover

Total cost of vet bill$5,000
Amount you can claim (90%)$4,500
Excess payable$1,000
Your out-of-pocket expense$1,500

Everyday Cover

Total cost of vet bill$300
Amount you can claim (70%)$210
Your out-of-pocket expense$90

The Works Cover

Total cost of vet bill$850
Amount you can claim (80%)$680
Your out-of-pocket expense$170

Cat insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Can my cat be insured if it has pre-existing conditions?

Yes, you can still apply if your cat has pre-existing health conditions, however if your cat has existing conditions that require medical treatment or ongoing medication and you take out a new policy, these will generally be considered pre-existing conditions and may be permanently excluded from cover. You can apply to have a pre-existing condition exclusion reviewed by downloading a copy of the pre-existing condition review form.

  1. New Zealand Companion Animal Trust Research Study – NZCAT
  2. Companion Animals in New Zealand 2016 Report – NZ Companion Animal Council
  3. Pre-existing conditions are excluded. Limits, sub-limits, and annual condition limits may apply. A $2,000 annual condition limit applies to Everyday Cover.
  4. Common cat diseases – ASPCA
  5. New Zealand Companion Animal Trust Research Study – NZCAT

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