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Say Yes to SPCA Pet Insurance

Sit, shake, stay. Pets will do whatever you tell them, but there’s one thing they’ll do without being asked – love you. Here’s your chance to return the favour.

With SPCA Pet Insurance, you can choose from 3 different levels of cover depending on your needs and budget. Enjoy the feeling of knowing up to 90% of eligible vet bills1 are covered in case your cat or dog stumbles into the wrong adventure. To start saying Yes to your pet more often, say Yes to SPCA Pet Insurance today.

Did you know?

Currently, vet visits in New Zealand greatly outnumber pet insurance policies. This means that while most pets need medical treatment at least once a year, around 90% of cat owners and 80% of dog owners need to pay these costs out-of-pocket.2

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Feedback based on  488 verified reviews
Proudly supporting SPCA

A spotlight of pets in New Zealand

Dog posing in the long grass


Average cost of treating a dog3

Cat lying down on its back


Average cost of treating a cat3

Black and white dog smiling happily on the sand


Of dogs require one or more vet visits every year2

Dog and cat posing together


Of cats need to see the vet at least once a year2

Love them. Protect you.

Fetch the word on pet insurance

Award-winning pet insurance

At SPCA Pet Insurance we’re proud to provide award-winning service to you and your furry friends.

Why SPCA Pet Insurance

Path leading into three different directions

Flexible policy options

Choose between three different levels of cover for your pet or budget, from everyday essentials to the best of the best.

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Multi-pet discount

Got more than one special companion? Enjoy a 10% discount for every additional cat or dog you insure with SPCA Pet Insurance. The bigger your family, the more you save.

Outline of New Zealand

Made for New Zealanders – and our pets

Kiwis have an iconic relationship with their animal companions. That’s why we’re committed to providing cover for the pets (and people) that make this place home.

Proudly supporting SPCA

Supporting your pet’s community

By purchasing a policy, you’re helping support the great work of SPCA, helping vulnerable animals across the country. Make your pet proud.

Don’t pay the price for your pet’s mischief.

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Info pack

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Frequently asked questions

What does pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance covers up to 90% of eligible vet bills1, which can include consultation, blood tests or imaging, surgeries, medications, and more. You should always read the Policy Document to find out exactly what’s covered under any policy.

  1. Pre-existing conditions are excluded. Limits, sub-limits, and annual condition limits may apply. A $2,000 annual condition limit applies to Everyday Cover.
  2. Companion Animals in New Zealand 2020 Report – Companion Animals NZ
  3. Cross-sectional survey of pet ownership, veterinary service utilisation, and pet-related expenditures in New Zealand – PubMed

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