About pet insurance

Pet insurance is a policy that helps you pay for vet bills when your cat or dog is unwell. Medical care for animals has come a long way which means there are so many options for sick or injured pets. With the right treatment, your pet’s quality of life can be massively improved, but the downside is that treatment is usually expensive.

Pet insurance will reimburse you for some of these costs depending on the policy you choose. The highest level of cover available is up to 90% of eligible vet bills covered1 – so if you paid a $1,000 vet bill, you can claim back up to $900 and reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Think of it as a way of keeping both you and your pet happy. Better health for them, and more money saved for you!  

Did you know?

There are around 850,000 dogs in New Zealand and over 1.2 million cats.2 This makes us one of the most pet-loving countries in the world and it really shows – almost 80% of owners consider their pet to be part of the family! Unsurprisingly, the most common reason that Kiwis own a cat or dog comes down to companionship and affection.

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Dog insurance

Every dog has its day. We’ll cover yours for all sorts of issues or mishaps such as arthritis, foreign ingestion, and more.

Cat insurance

Stay one step ahead of your feline with cover for bites, falls, illnesses, and the consultations that follow. No need to worry about their adventurous climbs or leaps.

A snapshot of pets in New Zealand

What’s interesting is around 39% of dogs and 32% of cats are older than seven years of age. For most cats and dogs, this would be classified as middle-aged or even senior, which puts them at a slightly higher risk of needing medical care.

AnimalHousehold ownership rateTotal number in New Zealand
Cat41%1.2 million

Source: Companion Animals in NZ Report, 2020

Why do you need pet insurance?

Most owners don’t think about the benefits of pet insurance until they’re suddenly faced with a large vet bill that could have been avoided. Whether you’re preparing for a new pet or looking for a way to reward your cat or dog for their loyalty, here’s why you might want to consider taking out cover.

How does pet insurance work?

Pet insurance is fairly simple to sign up for. Most breeds of cats and dogs can be covered as long as they’re between 8 weeks and 9 years of age depending on level of cover you choose. All you need to do is decide how much cover to take out by considering the needs of yourself and your companion. 

Do your research

Check if your pet meets the eligibility criteria   
Compare quotes and benefits from different providers 
Read the Policy Document 

Choose and apply

Choose a level of cover that suits you   
Apply for a policy online or over the phone 
Choose how you will pay the premiums – fortnightly, monthly or annually.

Get covered and say Yes to your pet!

Once your policy is set up, your pet is covered for eligible accidents and injuries right away 
Waiting periods may apply for illnesses or cruciate ligament conditions.
Enjoy your pet’s freedom to be themselves and not have to worry about vet bills!

Choose from 3 levels of cover with SPCA Pet Insurance

Pet insurance reimburses a portion of your eligible vet bills depending on your level of cover. The table below shows some of the great benefits under each policy. For a full list of product features, check out SPCA Pet Insurance.

For massive vet bills

  • 90% of eligible vet bills covered1
  • $25,000 annual limit
  • $1,000 excess
  • Unlimited consultations
  • Fortnightly, monthly, or annual premiums
  • Apply from just 8 weeks of age
  • No sub-limit on cruciate ligament conditions
  • No sub-limit for intervertebral disc disease (IVDD)

For the occasional bump

  • 70% of eligible vet bills covered1
  • $11,000 annual limit
  • No excess
  • $300 per year for consultations
  • Fortnightly, monthly, or annual premiums
  • Apply from just 8 weeks of age

For frequent mishaps

  • 80% of eligible vet bills covered1
  • $20,000 annual limit
  • No excess
  • $500 per year for consultations
  • Fortnightly, monthly, or annual premiums
  • Apply from 8 weeks to 9 years of age

What does pet insurance cover?

You should always read up on the Policy Document to find out exactly what you’re covered for. Pet insurance usually covers two specific types of events.

Accidental injuries include thing likeCover for illnesses includes
cuts, bites, or other woundsa typical sickness or disease
trauma (such as a fall or car accident)tick paralysis
bone fracturesjoint conditions such as hip dysplasia, intervertebral disc disease, and arthritis
snake or insect bitesgastrointestinal problems (vomiting, diarrhea, constipation etc.)
burnsskin conditions

surgical treatment if your pet swallows a dangerous object.

For the best possible cover, you could consider a policy that covers both accidents and illnesses, such as SPCA Pet Insurance.

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What does pet insurance not cover?

It’s important to keep in mind that pet insurance doesn’t automatically cover everything. If your pet gets sick within 21 days of signing up, this may be classified as a pre-existing condition that you won’t be covered for.  There’s also a 6-month waiting period before you can claim on cruciate ligament conditions, but you can apply to have this waived.

As a general rule, pet insurance is designed to cover unexpected medical costs that you aren’t able to plan for. This means that ongoing expenses like food or vitamins are not covered. Experimental treatments or major cosmetic/lifestyle changes are also excluded.  

Common events that you can’t claim on include:

  • Breeding or pregnancy complications
  • Vaccinations, microchipping, or desexing
  • Genetic chromosome testing
  • Elective procedures that are not deemed essential by your vet
  • Training or behavioural problems
  • Dental illnesses
  • Organ transplant or prosthetics
  • Medications not approved by the Ministry of Primary Industries or the Veterinary Council of New Zealand
  • Gross negligence.
  1. Pre-existing conditions are excluded. Limits, sub-limits, and annual condition limits may apply. A $2,000 annual condition limit applies to Everyday Cover.
  2. Companion Animals in New Zealand 2020 Report – Companion Animals NZ
  3. The best dog boarding kennels in Auckland – Moneyhub

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