How to introduce your shelter animal to your other pets

Introducing a new pet to your family can be an exciting but often overwhelming time, especially when it comes to introducing them to your existing furry friends. However, with the right preparation and approach you can make the transition a breeze.

This process begins with preparing for the introduction. This includes becoming familiar with your new pet’s background, ensuring they have a separate space in the house and getting them a health check before mixing them with your existing pets.

Ensuring your current pets are comfortable with the change is another important step in the process. Start by introducing sounds and sights they may encounter with the new pet.

Spending time acclimating your new pet to your home before introducing them to other animals is also important. When first taking the new pet home, keep them in a separate space away from the other animals until they’ve had a chance to get used to each other’s presence and smells.

When it’s time for them to be properly introduced, choose a neutral area where neither pet feels territorial. Positive reinforcement is a must during the introduction process, so make use of treats and verbal praise so your pets have an initial positive association with each other.

Other important tips to keep in mind include remaining calm and patient, setting consistent routines and giving them space by keeping young children away. Always supervise all interactions and be prepared to step in if tensions rise. For additional support, seeking advice from your local vet is always a good idea.

Each animal is unique, and no two introductions will go the same way. Though with the right preparation, approach and patience, you can help your furry friends coexist peacefully and even strengthen their bonds over time. To make the process even smoother, download our handy checklist with more tips on how to introduce your new pets to each other.

Download the How to introduce your shelter animal to your other pets [Checklist]


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